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rinna rinner rin
17 September 2011 @ 01:07 am
Once at the top of a hill there was a manor that overlooked a town called Waddesdon, which also the manor was named for. Waddesdon Manor was of course very large, as well as surrounded by gardens of roses, and forests, and meadows of bluebells; and its master was a nobleman, the Earl of Buckinghamshire. There were three things which most everyone knew about this Earl, who was called Earl Alois Trancy: he was very beautiful, he always dressed improperly, and he was only fourteen years old.

Waddesdon Manor itself was not very old. It had been completely finished only a few years before the poor little lord's father, who was of course the previous Earl, had died, and so many of Alois Trancy's fineries were newly made or imported and divine. Everything was always polished and immaculate: whenever company was about, the boy would lament that he wanted to keep his house as lovely as his dearly beloved father would have wanted it to be. The man in charge of keeping Waddesdon Manor so fine was Earl Trancy's butler, who was very elegant and very handsome, with sharp, intelligent eyes behind his spectacles. His name was Claude Faustus.
rinna rinner rin
She shows off her shins. They're summer salad all the way up to her knees, with blueberry bruises, and raspberry patches across strawberry streaks. Someone earlier had told her she's brave for wearing white— the world's a fright for what it might do to little white cotton dresses. Come three in the afternoon, she's ridden the hills enough to mark herself green and yellow with cattails and dandelions, too.
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